Customer Access Control During the Corona Crisis

Visitor Access Control During the Corona Crisis

Manage customer volumes through sensors and traffic lights. ‘Stop or Go’ traffic light solution.

• Protect your customers’ and employees’ health
• Comply with official requirements
• Keep count of people entering your premises
• Set up a reliable and cost-cutting solution


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Range of Application
The system will be applied to limit the number of customers outside a shop in order to protect the health of the employees and customers. For that purpose, an electronic counter system is installed that controls a light. This allows monitored compliance in terms of the number of visitors, irrespective of shopping carts, baskets, and additional personnel.

Operating Principle
The solution automatically counts the number of customers who enter a location and then exit, by means of a technology designed to measure frequency through sensors. In case of exceeding a predefined threshold value (maximum capacity), the light switches over to “stop” (red) and in that way lets the customers know that they have to wait.
In case of different entry and exits or very large entrance areas, sensors and light systems can be installed separately from one another and will be connected over the web.

Signal effect
People quickly become familiar with the lights and stop signs which are also understood across all cultures and languages. Floor markings provide an additional indication of, for example, the keeping of one’s distance.

The automation is an effective way of relieving personnel in the given shop. Security personnel who have to monitor the visitor count on-site can also be spared. The solutions pay off in just 2 to 4 weeks.

Sustainable Application
The sensors can be employed for both effectively and affordably measuring frequency. The data generated allow, for example, for short-term optimization and personnel planning at peak times (for example at the cashier, among other places).


Example Solution – our U-stand

• Protects your customers and employees by keeping count of people entering your shop
• Complies with official requirements
• Good screen visibility, even in sunlight
• The number of customers can be individually set
• Easy to install
• Requires only one socket
• Cuts costs (replaces external personnel)
• Robust and easy to transport


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Entwicklung des Systems „Stop or Go“ gefördert durch die Wirtschaftsagentur Wien. Ein Fonds der Stadt Wien.